World of the Chërnyi : Pedro Six Two
Series: World of the Chërnyi, Book 3
Genre: Fiction
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Publication Year: 2012
ASIN: B006V66V4Q

Book Three, "Pedro Six Two"; In this book the crew is reunited and along with "Sherman's Army" starts taking on the bad guys and re-establishing the rule of Law. It explores at some length the idea of Vet Brigades as a local or regional defense force. I admit to swiping the concept from the Mexican Gov't of times past...because it worked - at the time.

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About the Book

This story follows the other crewdogs of Pedro Six Two, a V-22 Osprey, as they try to cope with the disaster, love and loss. You’ll find action, mystery and hopefully – plenty to think about.  Follow the stories of:
Nora Richmond – a nurse caught up in something she never was training to handle.  Flight Lieutenant Albert Drake – he and Nora leave on their own adventure on the road home.

Major “Scooter” Anderson – he just wanted to get home to his wife and children.  All they lay in the way was burning cities and masses of heavily armed rioters…

Captain “Wildman” Williams – a good co-pilot always stuck with the pilot in command, until it all fell apart…

Robert Teaman, – civilian contractor and crew chief to the V-22 called Pedro Six Two.  It wasn’t an adventure, just a good paying job.  A job he could walk from any time he needed to…

Master Sergeant Mike “Gopher” Mulroney – PJ extraordinaire…he’d survived three tours in the sandbox, one on foot with the Marines.  Could he survive this trip home?

Staff Sergeant Gary “Ace” McCloud – good at the para-rescue game.  Was his game good enough for what he faced now?

Clare Watkins – a woman of many talents.  As a widow, she had lost her way in her own life, could she help the Pedro Six Two crew find theirs?

Then there is Sherman’s Army – a rag tag group of Vets that decide they’d had enough of the chaos and find that having a V-22 to cover your back is a good thing….

Come on the journey as these people find love, life, and just maybe, a new beginning…

This ends the initial three books of the series.  The story line continues, and is now up to Book 6, The Fisher People.


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About the Author
D.K. Richardson

Writing as D. K. Richardson, the author is a graduate of the University of the State of New York and holds a minor in Business Continuity (Disaster Response Planning) as well as multiple Associate degrees in different technology fields.

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