World of the Chërnyi: Going Home
Series: World of the Chërnyi, Book 2
Genre: Fiction
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Publication Year: 2011
Length: 259

Book Two, "Going Home"; This book follows the enlisted crew of Pedro Six Two and examines some issues related to wide area security in rural areas. It also looks at ag production when motor fuel is limited.

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About the Book

Written to be a stand-alone story, “Going Home” follows Jake “The Snake” Weinstein, his family and friends as they try to find a place they can live after the First Strike.

Where First Strike story looked at potential rural issues and aspects of a small group/family situation, Going Home examines regional issues related to recovery from the cascading failure of all aspects found within a technological society.  It also looks at possible situations where society has degraded into outright brigandage.  We need only to look to some of the recent suffering of our neighbors to the south to see how quickly things might unwind

As you read this book, I hope you examine your own situation and take steps to ensure you, your family, and loved ones can weather a storm of any type, natural or manmade.

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About the Author
D.K. Richardson

Writing as D. K. Richardson, the author is a graduate of the University of the State of New York and holds a minor in Business Continuity (Disaster Response Planning) as well as multiple Associate degrees in different technology fields.

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