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This hardback edition of The ‘Radio’ Handbook Sixteenth Edition can be considered as being in good condition. There is a couple of writings in the first couple of pages, mostly the names of former owners. There are some stains on the edges of the pages but the pages themselves aren’t damaged.

This collector’s item was edited by William (Bill) Ittner Orr (1919-2001), amateur radio licensee W6SAI.

Table of Contents for The ‘Radio’ Handbook Sixteenth Edition

  • Introduction To Radio
  • Direct Current Circuits
  • Alternating Current Circuits
  • Vacuum Tube Principles
  • Transistors and Semi-Conductors
  • Vacuum Tube Amplifiers
  • High Fidelity Techniques
  • Radio Frequency Vacuum Tube Amplifiers
  • The Oscilloscope
  • Special Vacuum Tube Circuits
  • Electronic Computers
  • Radio Receiver Fundamentals
  • Generation of Radio Frequency Energy
  • R-F Feedback
  • Amplitude Modulation
  • Frequency Modulation and Radioteletype Transmission
  • Sideband Transmission
  • Transmitter Design
  • Television and Broadcast Interference
  • Transmitter Keying and Control
  • Radiation, Propagation and Transmission Lines
  • Antennas and Antenna Matching
  • High Frequency Antenna Arrays
  • V-H-F and U-H-F Antennas
  • Rotary Beams
  • Mobile Equipment Design and Installation
  • Receivers and Transceivers
  • Low Power Transmitters and Exciters
  • High Frequency Power Amplifiers
  • Speech and Amplitude Modulation Equipment
  • Power Supplies
  • Workshop Practice
  • Electronic Test Equipment
  • Radio Mathematics and Calculations
  • Forward by William (Bill) Ittner Orr (1919-2001), W6SAI. 3A2AF

This book is a collector’s item but would be a great gift idea for that new ham you’re elmering!

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