Roll Call – Echos of Secrets Past
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Publication Year: 2013
Length: 291

Roll Call - Echos of Secrets Past is the first in the arc. This is a sci-fi story set in a new Universe, it examines the use of Vets as a kind of space age Marshals to keep the lid on things as Empire (Civilization) starts to crack...

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About the Book

With nothing stirring, he took a chance and levered himself out of the mud.  He would try the building marked as owner’s quarters first.  After that, it was an open question.  Using his visor, even sparingly, was a double edged sword.  While the sensors offered excellent resolution, the display was bright enough, even on it’s lowest setting, to cost him his own night vision for several minutes after each use.  With a muttered curse, he made one last position check before removing the thing and parking it n a clump of bushes on the backside of his target building.  He could only see one window with light spilling out, he drew the overall’s hood up and eased up to the opening in the wall.
A quick peek was all it took to see Bill, sitting in a chair, with another man standing next to him holding a subgun.  Giving an internal ten count, he snagged another peek.  This time, Bill was slumped over, as if he’d been struck.  Tavin made one of those decisions books are filled with, he had to get in there and get Bill or risk losing him.
Rather than punch out the window and enter the room with guns blazing, a standard IM entry technique, he walked around to the front to see there was an unlocked door.  The one he found wasn’t just unlocked, it was propped open.  Rather than over think the situation, he ghosted inside, following his ears to what he hoped were the only two occupants.


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About the Author
D.K. Richardson

Writing as D. K. Richardson, the author is a graduate of the University of the State of New York and holds a minor in Business Continuity (Disaster Response Planning) as well as multiple Associate degrees in different technology fields.

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