Learning The Radiotelegraph Code
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Series: ARRL
Genres: ARRL Publications, CW, Non-Fiction, Operating
Tags: CW, Recommended Books
Publisher: American Radio Relay League
Publication Year: 1970
Length: 48 pages

Basic training for radio operating. Thirteenth Edition


This title was shipped to a buyer who has filed a claim through PayPal claiming he did not get the item. He filed a claim through PayPal using an email address that was closed months and months before the purchase date. To make matters worse the email address said he emailed has nothing to do with this web site nor the PayPal account he's attacking.

The buyer provided the following address:

  • Guillermo Sobalvarro
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  • Guillermo Sobalvarro
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Why post this here? Because we don't want anyone else taken in by people buying stuff online and then claiming they didn't receive the items.

About the Book



Learning The Radiotelegraph Code – Thirteenth Edition

Even with the code requirements removed from FCC licensing requirements more and more amateurs have chosen to learn the code. Why? Code is fun once you become proficient at it. There’s no better way to learn CW than the various learning exercises in Learning The Radiotelegraph Code.

Table of Contents – Learning The Radiotelegraph Code

  • Learning The Code
  • Learning To Send
  • High-Speed Operation
  • Operating On The Air
  • Code Practice*
  • Class Instruction

* This chapter alone is worth the price of Learning The Radiotelegraph Code (which includes postage).


Book no longer for sale. Book was shipped freight free to buyer but he claims to have not received it. Supposedly he sent a message to an email address that does not exist and PayPal believed him. Another miscreant on the loose, sellers beware.

Guillermo Sobalvarro



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