Heart’s True Flight
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Publication Year: 2014
ASIN: B007464TS2

Heart's True Flight - a stand alone action adventure story. Romance author gets soured on love and so decides to write a new-age techno-thriller. For that she will need some help - enter John"Killer" Delinger - hot-shot F15E driver. He's been burned badly in the same game so - see what happens....

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About the Book

Megan stepped to the rear, allowing the others to go first, this was new, so a chance to learn.  Her turn came quickly.  The Sergeant was brisk, but thorough.
He handed her a bag and said, “Everything goes in here.  Empty your pockets as well please.”  At her frown, he went on, “It the rules, Ma’m.  Can’t take the chance of anything really flammable on your person.  Oxygen is funny if you haven’t worked around it.”  He looked at her top. “Ah, is the top nylon or other synthetic?”
“No. Hand woven hemp, actually.”  She smiled again, “Everything else is cotton.”
“Good-o.  We got a copy of your med clearance, but I still have a couple of questions we ask everyone.  Do you have a cold, blocked sinuses or any problem breathing today?”
“No.  Feeling fine today.”
“Great, are you pregnant or could you be pregnant?”
“What? What kind of question is that?’



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About the Author
D.K. Richardson

Writing as D. K. Richardson, the author is a graduate of the University of the State of New York and holds a minor in Business Continuity (Disaster Response Planning) as well as multiple Associate degrees in different technology fields.

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