Ham Radio Go Bag
Genres: EmComm, Non-Fiction
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Year: 20115
Length: 136
ASIN: 1515020517
ISBN: 9781515020516

Ham Radio Go Bag by Max Cooper provides relevant information on creating an individualized emergency communications kit for ham radio operators that is: Mobile, simple, relatively small, lightweight and effective.

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About the Book

There are two main groups that this book will appeal towards. 1. Those who are preppers and/or survivalists looking to increase their ability to effectively communicate during a crisis. The information provided in this book will be one component of their overall plan. The radio items discussed may be incorporated into a traditional “go bag,” “bug out bag,” or to create a separate communications go bag. 2. Those new to amateur radio who are looking to obtain information on creating a stand-alone ham radio go bag. These individuals may not be as concerned with the “hobby” aspect of amateur radio or capabilities outside of emergency communications. These individuals also may not identify themselves as preppers or survivalists.

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