Easy Solution of Practical Transmission Line Problems
Genres: Antennas, Non-Fiction
Tag: Antennas
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Year: 2013
Length: 154
ASIN: 147926363X
ISBN: 9781479263639

A Calculation Manual for Amateur Radio Operators. Does that transmission line, which connects your antenna and transmitter, seem like a mystery to you? Or perhaps your have other questions: Just how much of the transmitter’s rated output power actually gets to the antenna? How much power is consumed by the line itself? Just what is the input impedance of the antenna? Or, what is the input impedance at the transmitter end of a transmission line when the antenna is connected to its other end?

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About the Book

Why does my tuner seem to work better on some bands than others? What is the effect of high transmission line SWR? Should I be concerned about high SWRs? What can I do about them? It is the unusual operator who has not at one time or another asked one or more of these questions. Well, now you can easily answer these questions and many others! Using simple language the author of this book, a former electronic design engineer and amateur over more than 60 years, shows how to find the answers, quickly, easily and accurately. Those more technically inclined can work with the equations provided by the book; those who just want answers without all the math can use a personal computer and specially developed, easy-to-use programs from a CD and get accurate answers directly with the click of a button! But there is more: the book contains many solved examples and each solution is followed by a thorough discussion. Now you can get answers while you learn about transmission lines.



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