Mr. Koehler first tested for and received a FCC Commercial Radiotelephone license with a RADAR endorsement in 1977. He then received his Amateur radio service license next.

After spending 22+ years in the US Air Force as a radio/electronics technician, maintaining a wide variety of communications equipment to the component level, Mr. Koehler retired from the military. He then went on to spend another 10 years working with telecommunication equipment as a tech, technical writer, quality manager and finally, a supervising manager.

He now works part-time as a technical writer for a local Corporation in the IT field. His published works include many articles in “73” Magazine, Site (later, Above Ground Level) Magazine and multiple other industry periodicals. He was a Contributing Editor for Mobile Radio Technology magazine for a number of years.

He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of the State of New York, with multiple Associate degrees, to include an Associate of Science in Communications Technology. He recently authored a 60 page technical manual for repair/use of the MFJ-9200 which is sent at not cost on request to other hams.
In addition to HAM radio, he enjoys shortwave listening, sailing, hiking, camping and just being outdoors in Alaska.

A prolific writer, he currently has ten fiction novels currently on the market under a pseudonym.

Don Koehler that I have a technical manual and schematic covering the MFJ-9200 QRP radio which I provide, free, on request to hams as a PDF file. The manual was written for brand new hams with no real background in radio-electronics.

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