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Recently we sold a classic book to a buyer who turned out to live OUTSIDE the United States. Even though it is posted here, that we do NOT sell/ship outside the Continental United States he used a mail forwarding service to work around our policy of selling/shipping in the Continental United States only. He panicked when the book did not arrive in COLUMBIA SOUTH AMERICA in 3 days. Imagine that, 3 days for the USPS to send a non-priority envelope 1700 miles. PayPal gave him an incorrect email address and he seemingly forgot to tell them he used a mail forwarding service to beat our policy. Needless to say PayPal sided with him and gave him a full refund. So he not only worked around our system but received a free book for doing so.  Another miscreant on the loose, sellers beware.

The point of the post is to say that we will no longer accept PayPal for books sold here. If I wanted to give the books away I would have simply taken them to a local hamfest and put them on a table marked FREE. If you want one of the radio books from the sale just send us a message and we’ll work it out. Meanwhile we are phasing out PayPal and phasing in other payment processors such as Google and Apple.

Guillermo Sobalvarro
7973 NW 21st ST
Doral, FL 33172
United States
+57 5869064

Be careful selling/shipping to this man.

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Authors: You can have many different links from which prospective buyers can buy your book. Here is an example page of a book being offered on four different book web sites: The QSL Book.

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All authors must be an amateur radio operator in their respective countries. All materials must be available for sale or distribution on the Internet. These can be on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble or even your own web site or blog. Our current list of genres is below: